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Newborn Digital Backdrops

*For Newborn Photographers Only*


I have been making my own digital backdrops for several years, and as of this year have been selling them in my  ETSY store, LittleWoodStudioShop.
I love working with textures and trying new things as well as creating simple but eye catching backdrops. Digital backdrops can save a difficult session (which as photographers we all have on occassion) , and can also add some wow factor to the final client gallery. My style is natural and artistic. I like to celebrate negative space- less is more. I love that the true focus of a photo is the beautiful newborn, and then second are the carefully chosen colours and textures.


I also love that working with digitals allows me to focus solely on posing a newborn safely and carefully surrounded by only soft materials.  I wont use bowls that are too small or that have hard surfaces a baby could come in contact with, and using them digitally allows for this to be perfectly safe. I can use the bowl, but pose only on soft blankets. This feels natural and safe and is how I choose to work. My digitals are all my own creations.

I quite often work with circles. I am drawn to them. They symbolize life and are also shapes that draw your eye to the middle focal point, which is the beautiful newborn.

Negative space makes me smile. It catches my eye and it creates drama worthy of a large art piece for your wall.

You  will recognize my designs from my work samples as I use these myself. I make my own felt, style my own sets, hand make and mold my own bowls so many items are truly unique and one of a kind.

If you are a Newborn Photographer, feel free to check out my etsy store for my collection of Newborn Digital Backdrops or find me on Instagram



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