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Baby Lead Natural Photos

I absolutely love to capture the simple, yet breathtakingly beautiful, naturally or gently posed newborn photos. Newborn babies love to be swaddled and warm, some are just so curled up from being in the womb, they are still in this naturally womb posed position for their photos.

Some babies are not so curly, and stretch out, especially if they are a bit older, but they are still able to be beautifully photographed to capture them naturally, just as they are.

Each baby is different, and my sessions are completely baby lead. I watch, and follow their cues and work on beautifully soft surroundings at all times. I only photograph babies in gentle and safe poses. Much of the time, babies get comfortable on their own and I just make little adjustments,

You can choose to have your whole session styled simply and naturally as above or choose to include artistic sets as well! Part of my booking process is gathering all of that information from you to find out what you like, and planning your session to suit you.

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