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Family Photoshoot with Little Wood Studio! What to Wear!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021


Now you’ve booked your photography session and you’re wondering what to wear? Here are a few of my tips to think about when planning your outfits


Wearing all the same coloured pants and matching coloured tops can look a little awkward and not achieve the natural family closeness we are trying to achieve. That being said, if this is the look you are wanting, I will of course photograph your family regardless of what you are wearing but the following are my tips for creating a successful look for your family or help you if you are having trouble choosing.

Coordinating colours is what brings everyone together and looks visually appealing. I recommend choosing 2 or 3 main colours that run through everyone’s outfits and optionally 1 accent colour to make things pop. (Think scarf, shoes necklace). Expression is important and your wardrobe choices are a way to show off your personality in a photo. To get creative flow going for your family, start with 1 outfit that you love and build on from there to coordinate other family members outfits.


Clothing with words or pictures do not photograph well and cannot be fixed in photoshop. Stick to solid colours or patterns. Please avoid words and pictures/graphics. Fluorescent colours are also a good idea to avoid as they tend to create an undesired colour cast in photos.


Layers can make outfits more interesting and create depth and dimension. Layers are also an easy way to change it up by adding or removing them throughout the shoot to create a versatile outcome. Patterns and textures are great and also add depth to the colour choices.


Make sure what you choose to wear is most of all comfortable and suitable for the weather! If you have an outdoor shoot planned, don’t underdress your kids in their cute summer clothes when it’s cold or clothes that are too warm for a summer shoot!

It is worth considering if your outfit is prone to wardrobe malfunction also (think baby clothes that don’t sit right, or a top you have to keep readjusting to look right. These are examples of what to avoid.

Also make sure you feel like YOU. These photos are to reflect your personalities and your family. You have to like what you are looking at and at the end of the day, pick outfits and looks that you will like to see. That is really all that matters and the above are only suggestions.


Lay out each outfit together to see what the overall colour scheme looks like together and to make sure you like your choices.

Finally- get everyone to try it on a week before to make sure everything still fits 😊

I hope this helps in your decision making, and I look forward to photographing you and your loved ones!

Sam – Little Wood Studio xx

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