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Mum, get in the photos with your kids!

It's terrible, I know, but I am GUILTY of not getting in the photos. I have lots of beautiful photos of my boys and the boys with Dad, and even have managed some updated family photos with us altogether... But, those photos of the boys with me- It's been years since I've set up and properly taken one. This year we did it. I did make them get out of their trackies (LOL) but I didn't fuss about their hair, and just asked them to smile. They were great (and trackies went straight back on after this one set up, but I LOVE it and will treasure it forever. It was the perfect Mother's Day Present.

Now, my resolution is to take one every year with them and me. (at least 1!)

It is definitely harder to take these myself, so let me extend that invitation to you- If you need some new family photos- and some new mum and kids photos (as well as dad and kids and all the kids together) reach out and book that family session and make those special memories. It's so worth it!


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