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Things to do in Adelaide Summer 2021!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

A walk along the beach is always a 'yes'! Right? The sun, the sand, the beautiful rolling waves. It's good for the soul.

Being Summer, the annual 2021 Patritti Brighton Jetty Sculptures is about to begin, opening on January 21 and continuing through to 31st. For all the info visit

Being an art lover, I find this to be the perfect way to display some unique, fun, architectural and inspiring designs, while also celebrating the perfection of the impressive beach landscape. This outdoor gallery is a wonderful opportunity for a family walk and will be sure to offer some interesting discussion points for your children! This year, my husband Luke Liddicoat and a local designer Emily Camporeale of worked together to design and create a sculpture to enter in this years exhibition. Emily hand sculpted buddy out of hebel sandstone to form him, and Luke, expertly welded thousands of steel nuts together, designing the features of 'Buddy' from his jaw with teeth, eyes, ears and nose in the process. A true collaboration of local talent right here.

He is available to purchase as a 1 off sculpture if you are interested!

Meet Buddy

'Buddy' is a concept created and initially designed and molded up by Emily, and then Luke took over with the stainless steel nuts and his welding skills to bring Buddy the Kelpie to life. Buddy left the Adelaide Hills today to hand out at Brighton Beach Sculpture Exhibition, where he will be so happy to meet all the Beach walkers, and would love to be in your Selfie Photos!

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