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What to wear for a baby Milestone Session?

With so many beautiful natural earthy tones and simple but stunning neutral textures, it has never been easier to find a baby outfit for your photography session.

A simple ribbed romper or shorts and top such as these from Wilson and Frenchy are the perfect choice. They give a simple texture, are fitted to see the shape and size of your beautiful baby and help to give all the focus TO your baby. This image below of Bohdi, who was here at Little Wood Studio for his Sitter Session, is a perfect example! Bohdi has amazing green eyes, and this simple organic rib growsuit in Fern Green by Wilson and Frenchy was a sensational match for Bodhi's eye colour and skin tone.

These come in so many colours, there is sure to be one to suit your baby!

I have my studio nice and warm, so even if it's a little cooler , this type of outfit is still perfect. Heading into those winter months, swap it out for something similar in long leggings and long sleeve ribbed tops!

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